Accessorize: Forget about the rules

Accessories make the outfit. At least that’s what I think. When you’re wearing a plain shirt or top with a simple pair of jeans, accessories is what’s going to complete the look. It turns your outfit from something very simple to an outfit with style. It immediately looks put together and as if you’ve put thought into the way you look.

There are often rules when it comes to accessories. You have the one about not mixing metals, not wearing big earrings with a big statement necklace, don’t over-accessorize, and more. But do these rules all still really apply? Aren’t we at that point now that you can do whatever you like when it comes to clothes and the way you look? I think we are. It doesn’t mean I like everything everyone is wearing, but I like how people can be unique in their way without it being criticized or them getting funny looks on the streets.

I don’t want to talk about clothing in this post. I want to talk about the jewelry I like to wear. When is it too much? That’s something I tried to figure out lately. As you might know I only wear silver or steal jewelry. I think they look classic, they look good with every outfit, and they’re just a no brainer. When I stick to silver I know that no matter how many bracelets I wear, they’ll go together. Now keep in mind that I only do this with basic outfits. When my top already has a very busy print or texture, I’ll keep it down a notch with the over-accessorizing.

One blogger I think does accessorizing like a champ, is Jacqueline Mikuta, a Swedish blogger and photographer. Check out her Instagram to see what I am talking about.



Let me know what you think of this type of style. Do you pay much attention to your jewelry? Do you wear something else that completes your outfits? I am so curious to know!


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  1. I am terrible at accessorizeing! I love what others do and occasionally buy accessories but always forget to wear them when going out. I like gold but fake gold can look so ‘plastic’ and well, fake – so I avoid it! Wish I was better at accessorizing!

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    1. You’ll figure out what fits your style. Also remember that you don’t have to wear them. It’s also something you can wear when you want to dress a little extra special for some sort of occassion, so you feel a little more dressed up.
      I know exactly what you mean about the gold looking fake. There are many different colors of gold now, so maybe you’ll find a brand that does some nice jewelry in that you like, and you’ll stick with them!


  2. I love accsessorising for me my favourite accessories are hats, bags and chokers.

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  3. Veronica M. says:

    I don’t understand why there are so many so called “rules” to accessorizing either. The one about mixing metal for example, so silly bc you can mix metals well, especially when paired with a monochromatic outfit. Accessorizing isn’t or shouldnt be about rules but about expression and having fun with fashion 💕

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    1. You said it just right! 👌😊

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  4. lambamsworld says:

    I personally pay so much detail to my accessories more than my clothing because I believe it makes One’s outfit put together and expensive. Accessories to me , is the icing to any outfit . Thanks for this . Love reading from you .xo

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    1. That is exactly how I feel about it! Thank you for reading. It’s so nice to hear you enjoy reading it 😘 x

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