Plan out your week: The Simplified Daily Planner

The first 2 weeks of the year have been a bit messy when it comes to my routines. I can better say: there was no routine. Before the holidays I woke up at 7 am, got up almost immediately, made my bed, took a shower, drank my coffee and ate my breakfast, and I was ready to start my day. If I had to work at 10 or 12, I would have done at least 3 things of my To Do list before work. It made me feel so good to start the day by being so productive, before I was even actually supposed to start work.

I do this because I know I’ll be exhausted when I come home from work. At that time I just want to cook dinner, eat, have a bit of time to relax and go to bed at a reasonable time. I can be productive in the evenings as well if I want, but when I do work then I’ll often go on for too long. I forget about the time and often don’t notice it is very late. So, I rather stick to my routine of being productive in the mornings.

I love my routines and I love scheduling. What better way to do that with than with a planner. It is now 2018 which means it’s time for a new planner. I ordered mine a few months ago. It is one that I’ve been wanting to get for a longer time now, but I never made the decision to actually buy it. Till this year. I am talking about The Simplified Daily Planner.

The planner I used to have was a very simple Moleskine one. It was huge, had the week on one side of the pages and on the other side there was room for notes. I loved the fact that I could write down every little thing I needed to remember for that week. The only thing I didn’t really like about it was that I couldn’t write a lot down on every section of the day. I have been looking for a planner which looked like the Simplified Planner, but was a bit more affordable. I could never find one, so I decided to just rip off the band aid and go for it. And I think that was one of the best decisions I have made in a very long time.

I use my planner like it’s my life. It sort of literally is my life. I write down every single little thing I need to do on a day. Before a new month starts I like to write down all the plans I have planned for that month in the monthly pages. I use different colored pens to separate everything from its category. As you can see in the photo below I write down when I need to work, when I have an appointment, when I have something fun planned, birthdays, deadlines and when I’m uploading a blog. It is an overview I can look at real quick when I want to know when I have what.

Every Sunday evening I try to plan out my weekly things. I decide what I’ll have for dinner every day, which makes making a grocery list 10 times easier. I write down what I want to get done every day. Since I don’t work that much anymore and only have work to do for school, I try to make my days as busy as they can be. So I plan out what I’m going to write for my blog. I like to see if I can make plans with my friends. I basically try to plan out every day of the week.

The reason I do this is because I can be very chaotic in my head. I can get easily distracted when I don’t have a plan for myself on what I am supposed to do. I can be busy with one thing, and in the middle of that come up with a new idea to do and I’ll start on that, forgetting what I was doing in the first place. Now I write down everything that comes up in my mind and I first do the things I had initially planned, and after I’ll see if I have time to do the new things.

I feel this works really well for me. There’s just too much going on in that crazy head of mine. I like to be super organized in one thing which will make everything else easier. Some people think I’m crazy for writing down when I’m going to wake up and get ready, what time I’m going to do my groceries, write down what’s for dinner that night or schedule in when I’m going to stop working and start doing something for fun like reading. I think it makes me more productive and as long as I stick to my plan I get so much done. I just love it!


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  1. agshap says:

    Great planner. I keep one or two or three also. When I worked I used my work planner a lot but now that I am retired and work my own business I find I need more than one planner. I still get up early, have breakfast and then go to my planner to see what is on the agenda. Since I work at home mostly it is easy to get sidetracked….so I need to set aside the morning for my online work and then make plans for my meetings in the afternoon. I cant understand how people get along without a planner….great blog.

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    1. Don’t you just immediately feel in control of your day and as if you can attack any task you need to do? I love it. I am not at that point yet that I need more than one, but I can definitely see myself having more in the future haha.
      Thank you for your comment and reading my blog! X

      Liked by 1 person

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