Money saving tips

It’s time again that I need to take a better look at the things I am spending money on. I am starting my internship in February, which means I cannot work at the clothing store I’m working at right now. I never expected to get paid for my internship, so I’m happy with anything I get. However, I am so used to earning quite a bit of money from work, and this is going to change soon. This means I need to start living like it. Because you know what they say, when you have money, you’ll spend money. If you don’t have that much, you won’t buy as much.

I have talked about saving money before, but that was more of a collecting money tip. This time I want to talk about how you can save money by spending less. I made a little list of tips that I’ll be incorporating into my lifestyle.

  • Have ‘No spend days’. With this I mean what it literally says. Challenge yourself to not spend any money on a day. You’ll think more about what you usually spend money on that is really not necessary to have.
  • Buy no brand name products. For a lot of products the cheaper dupes of a brand name product work and do exactly the same as the more expensive version.
  • Avoid sales. I’ve talked about this before in the blog post on how to not overspend during the holidays, and I stick to it. Often sale products are impulse buys. You really don’t need them.
  • Make coffee at home. We often feel the need to have coffee on the way. A cup of coffee you buy can sometimes cost you about 5 euros, which would be the same price as buying your own coffee you can prepare at home and take with you.
  • Take your own food to work. Do your groceries and prepare your food. This way you also often choose a healthier option than when you buy your lunches.
  • Save your coins. I had to put this tip in there. When you pay with cash and you get coins back, save them. Put them away in some type of container and don’t look at it anymore. After a while go to the bank and have the money put in your account. It’s really that easy.
  • Make weekly meal plans. Plan out what you’re going to eat every day. This way when you go grocery shopping you won’t buy any unnecessary things. Also, you won’t have to go to the grocery store every day. Often when you go every day you are more tempted to buy extra things like snacks. This costs more money and you make poorer food choices.
  • Pay with cash. When you pay with actual money you feel more attachment to it. You actually see what you are spending, instead of just swiping your card and not seeing the money go.
  • Shop online? Save or bookmark the things you like and wait 30 days before buying them. If you still like what you saved after 30 days, buy the item. Often you figure out you don’t like it that much anymore, which saves you a bunch of money.
  • If you do decide to shop, go for quality over quantity. Yes, you pay a little extra for good quality clothing or products, but they are more durable. It is better to spend a little extra in the beginning which lasts longer, than having to buy something multiple times which eventually will cost you more.

These are some of my tips. Do you have any that you swear by? Let me know and maybe I’ll be using them as well.


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  1. My best way is taking a coffee with me to uni! Saves me so much money .X.


  2. kallistasworld says:

    I’m gonna use these tips! Saving money for college is so hard!

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    1. I know the struggle…


  3. afribeauty says:

    I agree with paying with cash. You see the money you spend 😂 so you can see the real worth of what u r spending. I really like this post

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  4. marymatchy says:

    Nice tips! I didn’t success avoiding the sales but at least I’ve been strong and only bought what I had written that I needed. Big step for me!

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  5. lambamsworld says:

    Hello Chantal! I’ve nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award . Here is the link to my post on your nomination , rules and questions.

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  6. priya says:

    Coffee at home!! I tried this last semester, making my coffee at home rather than buying it on the way to uni and I saved so much. This year I also want to try saving every $5 I cross, hopefully that works out well, great tips! xx

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    1. It really makes a difference!
      I’ve also been doing the €5 for a longer time now. It’s so easy to do 😄

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      1. priya says:

        Definitely! Honestly underestimate how many $5 notes you come across every week, save ten and you have $50 just like that!

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