My favorite blogger: Janni Delér

You guys know I am a huge YouTube fan. I watch it more than I watch tv. The channels I watch vary from beauty gurus, lifestyle vloggers, adventure or travel vloggers, and family vloggers. It’s a mix of everything actually. The latest channel I’ve been addicted to is Jon Olsson’s. He’s this professional skier who has started a few companies and has a personality which I can definitely relate to. He has this mentality of always needing to do something and be busy, and I love it.

But this blog isn’t about Jon Olsson. It’s about his fiancé: Janni Delér. I’m not sure if I’d come across Janni’s Instagram or blog before, but after seeing her in the vlogs I sure checked her out. She is so laidback and funny, and she has the best style. I wouldn’t say her style is my style in particular, but she definitely is an inspiration.

Just looking at Janni’s Instagram feed I can spot so many outfits I could see myself wearing. Most of them are cute summer outfits which I can’t wait to be wearing. Because Janni travels around a lot there’s never a dull moment on her Instagram, so I love looking at it! At one moment she is somewhere skiing in the snowy mountains, and then the next moment she’ll be somewhere in the desert wearing the prettiest dresses!

Janni Delér Instagram

Janni started with her blog which she still is very active on. On that she writes about beauty, food, outfits, training, travel and other lifestyle categories. You should definitely check it out! (CLICK HERE). Also have a look at her YouTube channel for a little more Janni Delér! 💖


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