My typical evening routine (updated)

When  I come home from work, all I want to do is cook, eat, relax and sleep. And that’s exactly what I usually do. The evenings should be about winding down. But I also like to be a little productive in the everyday household things, and prepare some things for the next day or upcoming week. Let’s get into it!

Usually when I come home I like to see if I have any laundry that needs to be done. Yup, I know: very exciting! Right…? Oh well, it’s better to do it right away. While I have my load in the washer,  I like to start cooking. I usually go for something that doesn’t take too long to cook, but still is healthy. After I’m finished cooking I usually eat while watching some of my favorite youtube channels or netflix series. It’s the perfect way to start my evening.

After I’ve finished. No, I’m not that much of a neat freak. Doing them immediately after I’ve finished my dinner means less dishes later. It doesn’t take that much effort if you have just a few pans, plates, glasses and cutlery from one dinner. It does take some effort if you let it all pile up.

The same goes for tidying up. I find it so much easier to tidy up every evening while I’m still in the cleaning mode. Whiping down the countertop, cleaning the stove, tidyng up my room, all little things which don’t take that much time, but do give me a little peace in my head knowing that’s done.

To keep myself organized and on top of everything, I like to go through some things I need to do the next day and for the week. I’m big on making lists and using a planner. I’ve talked about the planner I use in another blog, which is the simplified daily planner by Emily Ley. This book is like “the” book to me, I need it. I write everything down which I need to remember to do, and see if there are some things I can already cross of the list by doing it right away.

Now, it’s time to relax. I like to make myself a cup of tea, take of my makeup, get comfy and either continue the show or youtube videos I was watching during dinner, or find something new to watch. And then the most exciting thing: I like to go to bed at an unreasonably early time. Okay, I am exaggerating. Is between 2130 and 2200 too early? I know it’s early, but as you may or may not know, I’m a huge morning person and like to get up early. And I like to get those 8 hours of sleep in!

So that’s what my typical evening looks like, what about yours?


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