Prime your face girls!

I was always a sceptic: “Primer? Why? As if that’s going to make the difference.” And oh was I wrong. If you consider yourself a beauty guru or enthusiast you’re probably thinking: “You did your makeup without putting on primer? That’s savage!” And to you I apologize. I’ve discovered the magic of using primer.

My skin is a mess. It’s either really dry, or oily. I break out if I don’t watch what products I use or eat something my skin doesn’t tolerate. For that reason I never used a primer on my face, because I couldn’t see what good that would do. I’ve tried one a long time ago, which did all the wrong things to my skin. But now I am obviously older and wiser, haha, so I wanted to try a primer. Because when I thought of it logically, how bad is it to put on makeup without having some kind of protective layer on. And also, I was tired of my foundation fading after a certain point.


The primer I’ve been using for a little while now is the Max Factor X Face Finity all day primer. It says to extend the wear of foundation, and it has SPF 20. To be a 100% honest: it does make your foundation look nice all day. I was so surprised the first time I used it. Very sceptic in the beginning, but when I looked in the mirror at the end of the day I first couldn’t figure out why my skin looked so good! But then I remembered: I put on primer.

It was never my intention to buy it. I had to buy batteries for my watch, went online looking for the specific ones I needed, and on the same webshop they had a deal on the primer. My thought? Oh heck why not!

You probably want to hear what the cons are about this primer. Honestly, the only thing is that it doesn’t smell super pleasant. But you don’t smell it anymore after putting it on. I am very surprised by the product, and happy I made the decision to try it. Definitely recommend it babes!


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  1. I can’t live without primer 😀


  2. Nice post. I’d be interested to know what your skincare routine is like.


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