I am happy when I eat fresh fruit, when I burst out laughing, when I discover a new song, when I finish a good book, when I wake up and feel relaxed. I’m glad to have friends, family, a home, food when I’m hungry, hot water when I shower. I love being able to live…

Reminder for myself, and all you guys out there.

Find balance in your life. Work hard but don’t let work take over your life, you will lose yourself. Love, but love for the right reasons. Life is too short for anything but mediocre. Know who you are and know that you are worthy of reaching your dreams and that it is never too late…

How to get over a bad day

Sometimes you just have one of those days that you don’t feel all too well. Maybe something happened that makes you feel bad, maybe you’re not feeling well, maybe you’re nothing is going the way you want them to go. There can be so many reasons why you’re having a bad day. But luckily there…

Dear Monday!

Dear Monday, Thanks for having the word “mon” in you. That’s French for “mine”, in case you weren’t aware, monday, but it makes me think of you more as “my day”, and frankly that sounds like a much more promising start to the week. XO  

Monday Motivation

Just a little reminder to you and myself to not worry too much. You can do it, I can do it, we can do it! We should never forget to be happy! XO