Restaurants and cafés in Cape Town

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog. I have done a lot of things since I’ve last written one. One of those things is something really exciting. In February I went to South Africa. A beautiful trip and a lovely vacation with my parents. South Africa has always been on my list of countries I not only wanted, but needed to visit! I have always had the idea of visiting this amazing country, whether this was for a vacation, internship, studies or work, I have always had the feeling of needing to explore this country. And my dream came true, sooner then I could have imagined. My parents have heard me talking about South Africa for a while and started to consider it as a vacation destination. Lucky me that they wanted to me to join.

As I said before, we went in February. It is now August…which means the vacation already feels as ancient history. But there is no week I don’t think about the amazing experience I have had. So I decided that I wanted to share some fun things I did on the trip, and places I’ve been to. Starting with this blog, I am talking about fun food and coffee spots in the beautiful city of Cape Town.

Cape Town is an amazing city. The vibes are very relaxed and the people are so friendly. Wherever you go, you feel like you belong. I don’t know about you, but to me the people in the places you visit already can make or break the experience I have somewhere. And for Cape Town, they made the experience.

Let’s start with Arnold. This restaurant on 60 Kloof street, was one of our favorite places to go. The staff is amazing. They’re friendly and really care about their customers. We were staying in Kloof street, one of the buzzy and fun streets to stay, where there’s also a lot of restaurants and cafes to go to. Every time we walked by, all their staff recognized us and greeted us. Something I think makes your business stronger.


But let’s talk about what we’re here for: food. When you look at the menu, it’s not the most special dishes you’ll see. But the way they’re prepared: HEAVENLY! I’m not sure if it was the beautiful scenery of Table Mountain in the back, but the burger I had the first day there was one of the most amazing burgers I’ve had. Sometimes, everything is in simplicity.

On their menu, they have an all-day breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. Another exciting thing: their daily happy hour! Between 4.30pm and 6.30pm, they have special prices on their drinks ad cocktails. Now, how could you not love that!

More info on Arnolds

Kloof Street House
Want to go for something a little fancier? Definitely visit Kloof Street House. As the name already says, it is also located in Kloof Street. Their décor is amazing. If you’re a lover of a lot of greenery, flowers and plants, this is a must to go to. Their terrace in the front is like a beautiful garden. You don’t feel like you’re still in the same busy street, because it is its own little space. Their interior inside is already a topic of conversation. The atmosphere of the restaurant alone already shows what they’re good at: eye for detail. This comes back in the way they prepare their food. I’d definitely recommend the restaurant to anyone who’s in the neighborhood.

More info on Kloof Street House

Truth Coffee
Want to have a real experience in drinking your coffee. Truth Coffee is the hotspot for good coffee. I am a coffee lover myself, so this place got me really excited. I wasn’t the one who discovered this place, it was my dad. After looking it up, I saw it is one of those places which are recommended to go visit whenever you’re in Cape Town. And I couldn’t agree more.

The interior and vibe of the place is in steampunk style. It’s retro yet modern, and the staff working there are amazing. They are so friendly and love to have a little chat with their customers. But then there’s the coffee! I said in the begging that you should go to this place for a real coffee experience, and I didn’t just say that. The coffee menu is amazing. You get to choose the beans you’d like, and then also how you would like your coffee. The beans go from chocolaty and nutty, rich and dark to honey flavors and sweet and fruity.

I honestly did not know what I wanted my coffee to look like. I love a good flat white, so I asked the guy working their for his suggestions. They way he explained the flavors made me believe he really knew what he was talking about, and I think that already counts for a big part of the experience.

So the flat white was amazing, and because the place is so incredible, we stayed for another drink. I ordered a cold brew called Potion Coffee. Yet again, amazing! I recommend going to Truth Coffee whenever you’re in Cape Town!

More info on Truth Coffee

Cape Town is such a nice and buzzing city. I felt comfortable strolling around the streets: there are many little cafés and coffee shops, the buildings look great, the people are friendly. Oh and one little detail: it doesn’t matter where you go, you have the view of the mountains wherever you are! I think that is my favorite part.

Question! Have you been to Cape Town? Have you also been to one of these places? Let me know what you thought of them, I’d love to hear about your experiences. And what other places would you definitely recommend to anyone going to Cape Town? Can’t wait to hear them.


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