Skin care routine

I’ve really been struggling with my skin for a long time. My skin would always breakout, and it was never that it looked really bad, but my problem is that I can’t keep my hand off of my face and I would always end up with little scars. Like what most people do in this situation, which is a big mistake, is try every product out there that says it will help clear up your skin and prevent breakouts. Those are usually the products that will break you out. Most of the times there are hard chemicals in those, which is not at all good for your skin, obviously. So I needed to try something that is less harsh. And…I found what I needed all this time!

I am talking about Cetaphil. Cetaphil is so gentle on your skin, which is perfect for me. Processed with VSCOTheir products are often recommended by dermatologists, and I’ve seen many people talk about it on blogs and in videos. If you have eczema-prone skin, like I do, or acne-prone skin I can definitely recommend their products.

So, every morning I start of by washing my face with the Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. You can use this one with a little cottonwool pad, which I always like to dampen first. When you have oily or acne prone skin, it can be so helpful to cleanse your face in the morning. Many people think: “Why should I wash my face after waking up when I went to bed with a clean face?” Well, your skin recovers overnight, which means you wake up with more dead skin cells. It is best to at least rinse it off when you have skin problems.Processed with VSCO


After using the gentle skin cleanser, I moisturize my face with the Cetaphil moisturizing cream. This one seriously feels sooo good when you apply it. It feels moisturizing without feeling greasy, and I can definitely tell my skin is loving it too.

At the end of the day I have to take my makeup off, obviously. For this I feel like I need to use a makeup remover first before doing the Cetaphil “routine” which I do in the morning again. Just like with the cleanser and moisturizer, I don’t want to use anything that is too harsh. Processed with VSCOSo I wanted to try the micellaire waters from Garnier. I’ve seen many beauty gurus rave about these, so of course I had to try them out. They have a few different ones, and they all pretty much do the same job. The one I am using right now is to take off waterproof makeup as well, which is perfect on the eyes to take off mascara.

After the micellaire water I do the same thing I do in the morning: cleanse and moisturize. This is seriously my whole skin care routine. I feel like keeping it simple is the best way to go.

Also, the prices for their products are so affordable. A lot of skin care products can be ridiculously expensive, and even though sometimes they are totally worth it, there still are other options. The Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser is €9,99 for 200 ml, and the Cetaphil moisturizing cream is €20,95 for 456 ml. I can tell you, it takes a long time to actually use up the cream, so the €20,95 is definitely worth it.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve used Cetaphil before or are using it at the moment, and what your opinions are about it. I have only heard positive things about it and I would definitely recommend it to all of you who struggle with sensitive skin. It has definitely helped for me!


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  1. Awesome! Great tips here 😉

    Sabrina 🌻🐣🍭

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    1. chantallamberts says:

      Thank you! 😁

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    1. chantallamberts says:

      Thank you! 😁


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